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  • Heavy Duty D-Class Terra Firma Water Meter Box cover
  • Heavy Duty D-Class Terra Firma Water Meter Box cover and Converter
  • Terra Firma Water Meter Box Converter

Name Clear Opening External Dimensions Class Code Cover and Frame Weight (KG)
Water Meter Box Cover 430mm x 253mm 533mm x 385mm D-Class TFEWBX- 430 13
Converter 430mm x 253mm 435mm x 390mm n/a TFEWBX- 430C n/a

Terra Firma trafficable, composite Water Meter Box Covers are the ideal solution for utility pits. Because they are often located near intersections or delivery zones, old concrete water meter pit access covers are notorious for breakages. Available in water meter, fire hydrant or gas valve options. Terra Firma polymer composite, heavy-duty covers and frames offer a reliable, safe, durable alternative to easily damaged concrete and metal pit covers.

Terra Firma Water Meter Box Covers are Radio Transparent and as a result enable signal transmission to and from pits. This feature allows remote monitoring of water assets and connection to the IoT (Internet of Things). If one of our many utility pit lid solutions doesn’t meet your needs we’ll be happy to talk about designing a product specifically for you.

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Range of designs and colours
Available in designs to suit most standard applications the Terra Firma Water Meter Box covers and Frames are also available with an adjustable fibreglass ‘Converter’. As a result the ‘Converter’ allows for exact positioning and adjustment of the Water Meter Box cover and frame within the pit.

High performance

Manufactured from high-strength, UV stabilised, polyethylene polymer composite. Terra Firma Water Meter Box Covers can withstand the harsh Australian elements without corroding, degrading or discolouring. D-Class load-rated Terra Firma Water Meter Box covers and frames and designed for trafficable, civil and commercial use.

One-man maintenance

A lightweight lid with one-man lifting mechanism which allows single person inspection and maintenance. This saves dollars and injuries. No more finger-crush accidents as a result of handling heavy, dangerous concrete covers.

Permanent anti-slip

Designed for use in pedestrian zones. The surface is integrated during the manufacturing process with open texture which resists dirt build-up and ensures non-slip resistance throughout it’s working life.


Terra firma composite lids will not corrode when in contact with other materials. They are unaffected by sand, salt and all other chemicals found in road environments.

 Electrically non-conductive

Will not conduct electricity, so stray voltage problems are negated.

Transparent to radio waves

Allows use of modern, radio-transmitted asset management and metering systems without the need to open the pit.

Special Configurations:

Fire Hydrant and Water Meter Box Covers and frames and fibreglass converters are normally available standard in-stock. For other configurations contact Terra Firma Industries for options, lead times and pricing.

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