Tougher Stronger Pit Lids Last Longer

Meeting and Exceeding Quality and Strength Ratings

Our new generation of composite fibreglass pit lids are designed for high structural performance and an extended working life.

Terra Firma pit lids have a much higher strength to weight ratio compared to traditional metal or concrete covers.

Our stronger but lighter pit covers are all tested to Australian and/or International Standards and subject to a thorough quality testing regime.

Terra Firma pit lids are able to bear loads up to 400kN or forty ton.
We have a range of pit cover solutions to suit your needs
All our access covers meet appropriate load standards (AS3996 or EN124).
Our lids range from Class A pedestrian applications up to Class E 400kN in-road access covers.

If you want to know which pit lid is right for your location contact Terra Firma today or visit our products page.