Keep your Underground Assets Safer

Lockable pit lids protect your underground assets from unauthorised access

Lockable pit lids not only reduce the risk of falls into pits, they provide security against theft and malicious damage.

Terra Firma’s Fail-Safe locking systems ensure a correctly fitted lid can never be left unlocked. Our Endurotek access cover range now features the patented Slam-Lock. The Slam-Lock engages automatically and as a result Endurotek pit lids can simply be dropped into locked position without using a key. The Terra Firma Classic range lock engages when the key is removed. The Classic range key can’t be removed if the lid isn’t locked.

Reliably, securely locked pit covers prevent vandals accessing expensive equipment housed in pits. More importantly securely locked covers prevent accidental falls into uncovered pits and restricts kids from playing in unsecured drains.

All Terra Firma pit keys are designed and tested to reduce muscle stress when in use. Reduced muscle stress results in reduced risk of back and neck injury for workers.

Click here to download the Deakin University Report and learn how Terra Firma products are ergonomically tested. For more details on our locking systems and pit keys contact us or visit our products page.