Lightweight pit lids for safer workers

Light Strong Access Covers Improve Worker Safety

Heavy concrete or metal pit lids are a real manual handling hazard. Think about it – a typical concrete cover for a 900 x 600mm pit weighs around 120kg. That’s probably a bit more than the biggest bloke in your average council depot! Lifting that sort of weight is obviously a risky proposition. No one wants to see a colleague get injured, and with the increasing focus on Occupational Health and Safety, no one can afford the risk.

Lightweight pit lids don’t just reduce the risks of lifting heavy access covers they ELIMINATE them. Terra Firma have effectively engineered manual handling risks out of lifting access covers.

Lightweight pit lids are also quicker and easier to install and inspect saving time and reducing installation and maintenance costs.

If you want to experience the lightest yet strongest access cover available Contact Terra Firma Pit Lids today or visit our products page for more information.


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