Reduced breakages, lower maintenance costs

How do durable pit lids offer whole-of-life savings and more?

Whole-of-life refers to the total cost of ownership of an asset. Many councils focus on the up-front capital costs of pit lids, and do not take into account things such as the longer-term costs of the covers as assets. What costs should councils consider when selecting their pit lids?
-Purchase price
-Life expectancy and breakages
-Replacement costs
-Occupational Health and Safety
-Downtime on roads and service interruption during installation, maintenance or replacements
-Public liability
Running an Australian council doesn’t come cheap – so you need to ensure that you’re installing safe, high-quality, durable pit lids with extended working lives to get the most value out of your dollars spent. In fact, councils across the world are catching on to the idea that composite fibreglass can save them millions of dollars – and have the scary statistics to prove it.

Click here to read a summary of the case study by Lancaster University and learn how councils across the UK are saving money by installing composite fibreglass access covers. Contact us to learn how Terra Firma pit lids combat the long-term costs associated with concrete and ductile iron.