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Terra Firma composite covers solve many of the problems caused by traditional iron, concrete pit lids and manhole covers. Our composite lids won’t crack, corrode, or break your back! Learn More

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Terra Firma Industries is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of fibreglass composite lids and access covers. Established in 1994, we saw the need for a better alternative to the heavy, and dangerous, concrete and metal lids in use. At Terra Firma, we’re dedicated to solving your problems with a vast range of innovative lightweight composite pit lid and access covers. To see our full range of products, visit our products page.

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VicRoads Innovations & Initiatives Bulletin

“Terra Firma pit lids substitute a poorly performing heavy product with a cost effective, strong, lightweight alternative. Their installation throughout the… M80 Upgrade has minimised the manual handling risk to workers by weighing ¼ of a concrete lid and through its easy to use lifting key that minimising the stress on the body whilst opening.”

VicRoads Innovations & Initiatives Bulletin

Ian Sparks, Maintenance Planning & Contracts Coordinator

“Frankston City Council have faith in the product and over the past 17 years have experienced the return on investment first hand”

Ian Sparks, Maintenance Planning & Contracts Coordinator

Joe R, Satisfied Customer

“My broken lids are a danger to my community and putting me at risk of public liability claims.”

Joe R, Satisfied Customer

Adrian McKenzie, AMACK Petroleum and Plumbing Contractor

“Don’t worry, with the Terra Firma D400 pit lids, we can open the lid, inspect the pit and have it closed before the customer has finished paying for their petrol.”

Adrian McKenzie, AMACK Petroleum and Plumbing Contractor

Paul Bergman -Maintenance Coordinator / Electrical Assets Brisbane City Council

“I can see a definite use for these lids as a “replacement where needed -for pits around the City and Valley where the sweepers are causing deformation of the existing plastic lids. They would also be useful in other high traffic/vehicle path areas around existing intersections”

Paul Bergman -Maintenance Coordinator / Electrical Assets Brisbane City Council

Neil Lofts, Main Sewers Technical Officer, Barwon Water

“If someone has a similar requirement, I think Terra Firma’s ThruBeam pit lids are a great choice. I looked around at a lot of other lids, as well, but I thought that Terra Firma’s pit lids, for our purpose, were the best choice”.

Neil Lofts, Main Sewers Technical Officer, Barwon Water

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Metal manhole covers pose electrocution risk!

Composite covers insulate – Iron covers conduct!

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Among the team at Terra Firma we have surfers, sailors, divers and just plain sun lovers who enjoy nothing more than a day at the beach or spending time on the water.

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The Keys are already in your toolbox!

If you wonder which keys open the Terra Firma Endurotek Slam Lock don’t worry – the answer is already in your toolbox.

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An Ergonomic OH&S Analysis of Muscle Activation and Posture When Terra Firma Products are Utilised During Pit Lid Lifting and Replacing Operations. Authors: Dr Kevin Netto, Mr Caleb Lewis, Mr Gavin Lenton, School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, Deakin University Summary: Clear links can be seen between the OH&S risks for workers conducting manual handling […]

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Some methods to protect workers from injury are more reliable than others. How effective different risk reduction strategies are is usuually measured using the OH&S Hierarchy of Controls. The Hierarchy ranks some types of risk reduction strategies above others. For example, it’s better to remove the hazard entirely rather than introduce a bunch of laws […]

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