Terra Firma Classic C150

Durable, customizable

Terra Firma Freeway C-150 is suitable for areas open to slow moving traffic or shoulder areas of major roads and freeways. This lid was specifically developed for the VicRoads network.
These strong lightweight lids solve the problem of broken pit lids on the shoulder of major arterials and freeways.

Terra Firma C150
• Standard Product Range available in Junction or Side Entry frames
• Independently tested to Class C
• Destructive load tested to 19 tonnes
• Flexible design and colours
• Permanent anti-slip
• Non-corrosive
• Transparent to radio waves
• Durable and reliable
• Australian made and designed

Approved by Vic Roads
Terra Firma Classic Removal & Replacment

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Flexible, Easy to Install

Available Sizes

Terra Firma Classic C150 – Junction Frame
C150 to suit Clear Opening 450×450, 600×600, 900×600, 900×900, 1000×750
Terra Firma Pit Lids - B80 Access Cover - Junction Pit Covers RENDER

Terra Firma Classic C150 – Side Entry Frame
C150 to suit Clear Opening 900×600, 900×900, 1000×750
Terra Firma Pit Lids - C150 Access Cover - Side Entry Pit Covers RENDER

Approved by VicRoads


Terra Firma Classic B-80 & C150

  • High structural performance

    Independently tested to AS3996:2006. Available in Class B 80kN and Class C 150kN.

  • High destructive load tested

    Performs well beyond the standard, has been tested by a NATA accredited facility to 112.4kN (B80) and 193.4kN (C150)

  • Extended working life

    Original Terra Firma Classic composite lids have been in place for over 20 years.

  • Injury-free installation

    A fraction of the weight of concrete and metal covers, Terra Firma Classic pit lids can easily be opened by a single person well within WorkSafe requirements and with no need for additional lifting equipment. Installation and maintenance of pit lids is now a one person job.

  • Secure and lockable

    Turning mechanism protects the pit from vandalism and unauthorised access. Long-life stainless steel locks are designed to stay clear of dirt and grit.

  • Secure and lockable

    Turning mechanism protects the pit from vandalism and unauthorised access. Long-life stainless steel locks are designed to stay clear of dirt and grit.

  • One man maintenance

    A lightweight lid with one-man lifting mechanism allows single person maintenance and cleaning, saving dollars and injuries.

  • Flexible frame design

    A variety of frame options are available to suit your specific application. Terra Firma pit lid frames are galvanised in compliance with AS/NZS 4680:2006. Galvanised steel conforming to AS/NZS 4680:2006 will typically last in excess of 20 years in drainage lid installation.

  • Permanent anti-slip

    Tested to AS 4586:2004 V rating, the highest non-slip rating for pedestrian zones. The surface is integrated during the manufacturing process with open texture to resist dirt build-up and ensure non-slip resistance throughout working life.

  • Non-corrosive

    Composite lids will not corrode when in contact with other materials. Unaffected by sand, salt and all chemicals met in road environments.

  • Transparent to radio waves

    Allows use of modern, radio-transmitted asset management and metering systems.

  • Non-combustible

    Non-combustible with high fire resistance properties.

  • Flexible designs and colours

    Available in assorted colours and sizes to suit any streetscape.

  • Australian quality

    Terra Firma Industries operates a quality management system in accordance with ISO: 9001:2008. Products are Australian made and owned, and endorsed by the five quality ticks logo.

  • Winner

    Winner: 2011 Award for Sustainable Initiatives, Parks and Leisure Australia Awards of Excellence

Technical Specifications

  • Product Brochure
  • Standard Sizes

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  • Dimension Sheets

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  • Installation Guide
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  • Standard Colours
  • Australian Made Product



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