Terra Firma Classic B80

Durable, customizable

Terra Firma Classic B-80 is built for footpaths, parks and kerbside applications where incidental traffic mounting may occur.
These strong lightweight lids solve the problem of broken pit lids in residential areas.

Terra Firma B80
• Standard Product Range available with Junction and Side Entry frames
• Independently tested to Class B
• Destructive load tested to 11 tonnes
• Flexible design and colours
• Permanent anti-slip
• Non-corrosive
• Transparent to radio waves
• Durable and reliable – in service for over 20 years.
• Australian made and designed
• Winner: 2011 Award for Sustainable Initiatives, Parks and Leisure Australia Awards of Excellence
• Approved by all major Melbourne Metropolitan Councils

Terra Firma Classic Removal & Replacment

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Flexible, Easy to Install

Available Sizes

Terra Firma Classic B80 – Junction Frame
B80 to suit Clear Opening 450×450, 600×600, 900×600, 900×900, 1000×750
Terra Firma Pit Lids - B80 Access Cover - Junction Pit Covers RENDER

Terra Firma Classic B80 – Side Entry Frame
B80 to suit Clear Opening 900×600, 900×900, 1000×750
Terra Firma Pit Lids - C150 Access Cover - Side Entry Pit Covers RENDER

Approved for all NEW Victorian Growth Area Housing Estates (EDCM)

Terra Firma Classic B-80 & C150

  • High structural performance

    Independently tested to AS3996:2006. Available in Class B 80kN and Class C 150kN.

  • High destructive load tested

    Performs well beyond the standard, has been tested by a NATA accredited facility to 112.4kN (B80) and 193.4kN (C150)

  • Extended working life

    Original Terra Firma Classic composite lids have been in place for over 20 years.

  • Injury-free installation

    A fraction of the weight of concrete and metal covers, Terra Firma Classic pit lids can easily be opened by a single person well within WorkSafe requirements and with no need for additional lifting equipment. Installation and maintenance of pit lids is now a one person job.

  • Secure and lockable

    Turning mechanism protects the pit from vandalism and unauthorised access. Long-life stainless steel locks are designed to stay clear of dirt and grit.

  • One man maintenance

    A lightweight lid with one-man lifting mechanism allows single person maintenance and cleaning, saving dollars and injuries.

  • Flexible frame design

    A variety of frame options are available to suit your specific application. Terra Firma pit lid frames are galvanised in compliance with AS/NZS 4680:2006. Galvanised steel conforming to AS/NZS 4680:2006 will typically last in excess of 20 years in drainage lid installation.

  • Permanent anti-slip

    Tested to AS 4586:2004 V rating, the highest non-slip rating for pedestrian zones. The surface is integrated during the manufacturing process with open texture to resist dirt build-up and ensure non-slip resistance throughout working life.

  • Non-corrosive

    Composite lids will not corrode when in contact with other materials. Unaffected by sand, salt and all chemicals met in road environments.

  • Transparent to radio waves

    Allows use of modern, radio-transmitted asset management and metering systems.

  • Non-combustible

    Non-combustible with high fire resistance properties.

  • Flexible designs and colours

    Available in assorted colours and sizes to suit any streetscape.

  • Australian quality

    Terra Firma Industries operates a quality management system in accordance with ISO: 9001:2008. Products are Australian made and owned, and endorsed by the five quality ticks logo.

  • Winner

    Winner: 2011 Award for Sustainable Initiatives, Parks and Leisure Australia Awards of Excellence

Technical Specifications

  • Product Brochure
  • Standard Sizes

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  • Dimension Sheets

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  • Installation Guide
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  • Standard Colours
  • Australian Made Product



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