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B- Class

B Class 1

Terra Firma B-80 is built for footpaths, parks and kerbside applications where incidental traffic mounting may occur. These strong, lightweight lids solve the problem of broken pit lids in residential areas.


C Class 2

Terra Firma Freeway C-150 is suitable for areas open to slow moving traffic or shoulder areas of major roads and freeways. This lid was specifically designed for the VicRoads network.


D Class 1

Built on Thru Beam technology, Terra Firma’s new D/E-Class product range solves the problems caused by ductile iron when installed in-road. Unlike ductile iron, they are lightweight, non-corrosive, meet AS:3996 D and E class standards and come with a 15-guarantee. View our brochure for more information.

Picture lids

Picture lid 1

Looking for a new way to promote community messages in your streetscape? Terra Firma's picture lids offer councils a great platform to advertise community messages to the public. Councils will be able to promote environmental messages, special events, city branding or any number of community campaigns.

Tree Grate

Tree grate 1

Terra Firma’s award winning tree grates were developed with water sensitive urban design, and are able to harness stormwater runoff for fully sustainable tree watering. Impressively, they are able to improve the quality of water entering the stormwater system by significantly decreasing the volume of gross pollutants entering vulnerable waterways.

Gutter Guards

If you'd like to reduce the amount of litter and gross pollutants entering our waterways, then your council needs to install Terra Firma Gutter Guards. Designed to minimise the cost and frequences of pit maintenance, they can prevent up to 80% of litter entering our waterways. For more information, download our gutter guards brochure.


Terra Firma pit lids are the ideal solution for pump station covers and other large multi-part access cover requirements. From simple two part covers to large multi-part systems Terra Firma’s unique patented framing systems offer a flexible solution and have fully removable frames to allow full clear opening to your pit.

Utility covers

Terra Firma pit lids are the ideal solution for utility pits. Often located near intersections or delivery zones concrete utility pit covers are notorious for breakages. Whether electrical, communications, traffic signals, gas or water meters Terra Firma utility covers offer a reliable, safe alternative to easily damaged concrete and metal covers.

Pool side applications

The Terra Firma Aquatic range is specifically designed for swimming pools and aquatic centers. These lids address safety and public liability issues faced by centre operators, and the long life stainless steel frames eliminate the problem of rusted frames.

Installation instructions

Terra Firma Pit Lids are designed to meet AS3996-2006 requirements. Proper installation is required to ensure the performance of the entire structure is maintained.



Got some questions? Refer to our FAQ sheet for answers to the most common questions about Terra Firma, and our composite fibreglass products.