Aquatic Pit Lids for Wet and Corrosive Environments

Terra Firma Aquatic Solutions for Swimming Pool Surrounds and Concourses

The Terra Firma Aquatic pit lids are specifically designed for high-slip, high-corrosion environments like swimming pools and aquatic centers. These pit lids directly address safety and public liability issues faced by aquatic centre operators. The long life stainless steel frames¬†eliminate the problems of rusted, splintering frames which pose serious risks such as cut injuries which are common where bare feet are involved. Our long life stainless steel frames also won’t corrode shut like standard frames. This ensures opening pits and accessing equipment is always quick and easy. Our special multi-lock configuration prevents unauthorised access to pumping equipment while reducing trip hazards for staff and the public. The Terra Firma Aquatic non-slip surfacing is tested to the highest AS/NZS 4586 -2004 standards which means it is certified to reduce slip risk even in extreme wet conditions and on ramps.

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